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Our Accomplishments

User of new technology and improved working routines resulting in the following major milestones:

  • Initiated and executed its first pre-drill site and pipeline survey within one month of award of block Oil Prospecting License (OPL) 113 (now OML 103) in 1991.
  • Remapped Bella structure in OPL 113 and proposed back-to-back appraisal wells for drilling within two weeks of the discovery well.
  • Locally refitted the broken legs of the Mobile Offshore Production Unit “Mr. P” at Globestar yard in Warri, Nigeria and towed same to location within two months of the incident.
  • In 1997, became the second E&P company in Nigeria to drill and produce a horizontal well.
  • Was the first E& P company in Nigeria to run the Halliburton Magnetic Resonance and Imaging Log (1997)
  • Purchased jack-up rigs and converted same to production platforms. Conceptual engineering design and construction supervision were all done by Conoil Nigerian personnel.
  • Holds the record of the fastest on-stream activity in Nigeria oil and gas business, with eleven months lapse time between block award and export of first oil (OML 59).
  • Current total ultimate recoverable oil reserves of over 400 million barrels and 1.8 trillion cubic feet of gas.  Total potential resources are approximately 820 million barrels of oil equivalent.
  • Was the first E & P company to commission an ocean bottom cable 3D seismic survey in marine/transition zone in Nigeria.
  • Achieved 60% exploration drilling success and 100% for appraisal and development drilling
  • Operated three (3) offshore rigs simultaneously during the period 1998-2001 even when international oil price was low.
  • ​Established an outstanding track record as a producer.
  • Has operated continuously as a responsible corporate organization in all dealings with stakeholders and executed various community development projects.